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WhatsApp marketing as a marketing medium might be the buzz word in your strategy for getting success in your business in 2019. 


But, the thing is…

Marketers across the world including Brazil, Malaysia, India, UAE & others are failing to get results with their existing marketing efforts. Most tools available in the market- software, services are failing to fulfil the demands right now.

Reason? Latest updates brought by WhatsApp are VERY strict..

These updates have bought people to make these one of these mistakes…

MISTAKE #1Desktop software which gets your numbers blocked due to over messaging & simple automation of sending messages via your mobile connected WhatsApp number.
MISTAKE #2Service providers cheating their clients by providing them with credits but almost no delivery.
MISTAKE #3Other connected apps like chat-api, wassenger, messengerpeople, and several others can’t automate the process to its optimum level.

What are the results of failed WhatsApp campaign?

Keep buying new WhatsApp numbers. Only to find them BLOCKED on WhatsApp, again and again! (Very frustrating, I know!)

Burn your money into wrong tools & services and not able to send 1000s of WhatsApp messages with no headache, no efforts, no time loss and best of all not much money!

Stay limited to simple operations & marketing opportunity on WhatsApp.
Not able to scale your campaigns & keep losing money!

Only to find and say to yourself, “WhatsApp Marketing is DEAD!”

Well, that’s not true at all.

That’s because the way people generally do WhatsApp marketing is completely WRONG!

Just imagine yourself as a normal WhatsApp user.

Yes, you do chat with your friends, family and business contacts on a daily basis.

They send you their travel pictures, latest viral videos & photos, funny memes and those silly messages in some family groups!

Then, you also change your display picture, put status messages on your WhatsApp profile, and do so much more with this simple mobile messaging app.

Now, just imagine if every number that you send WhatsApp messages from are in fact an army of 1000 such numbers, 2000, 5000, 10000 such WhatsApp numbers.

Automatically, sending messages to 10s of 1000s of WhatsApp numbers in your target list.

Imagine if you get the power to send 1,00,000, 2,00,000, 4,00,000 messages on a daily basis?

If you think that’s impossible, you are wrong.

Ninja WhatsApp marketers are able to dominate their marketplace in every industry they step into and get profits of millions of dollars by using the same hacks & tools we give!

The secret behind able to send only 500 messages per day


Being able to send 10k, 50k, 100k, 200k and 400k messages is HUGE!

You can’t expect a simple 20$ software widget to send these many messages without getting caught by WhatsApp for sending bulk messages!

How do you do it then?

For, being able to send 10,000 messages and not getting your WhatsApp number blocked is the biggest challenge most people fail to understand & solve.

And that’s WHY.

Most marketers FAIL in WhatsApp marketing.

It’s not because WhatsApp marketing is DEAD!

It’s a big distinction…

Think about it for a second…

Do you face the same challenge right now with WhatsApp marketing?

If, YES.

Well, congratulations!!!

Firstly, for reading this far…

Because just like 95% of the people who fail in WhatsApp marketing.

They won’t really care to read this far about WhatsApp marketing anyways!

Secondly, because I will tell you the behind the scenes on how to do it very SUCCESSFULLY!

Now, see there is a way that you can send these many messages on a daily basis.

But, the door is not opened for all.

It’s because not everyone has the same tools, technology, understanding, and that many WhatsApp numbers in the first place in huge quantity to be able to do that!

In order to operate a WhatsApp marketing campaign successfully without wasting your time, at the same time, saving lots of money, and do it, all automatically.

You need the following things in place:

  • You need a tool/software/script to run the automation i.e. WhatsApp Business API
  • You need pre-activated WhatsApp numbers that can stay online 24 x 7 whenever you want to send the messages.

And you need them both, side by side.

Fail to get any of those and your marketing campaign is DEAD!

WhatsApp Business API is a self hosted script that can be uploaded & installed on your own VPS Server. Since, it’s cloud based WhatsApp marketing script.

You can keep your WhatsApp numbers online since the server is connected to the internet 24 x 7 with 1gbps internet speed.

You are able to build this army of WhatsApp numbers online using

WhatsApp Channels!

Now, let me tell you.

What is a WhatsApp Channel.

Channels are pre-activated WhatsApp numbers that are generated using real SIM cards by getting the OTP while signing up for a WhatsApp number for the first time.

When you register your number on WhatsApp a 6 digit code is generated via SMS or Phone Call by WhatsApp.

Once, the WhatsApp number is registered for the first time.

WhatsApp generates a secret HASH password which acts as a verification & password for keeping your WhatsApp number logged in and connected with WhatsApp server.

Whenever you use WhatsApp on your phone. This WhatsApp number, your identity details, and several similar information is used to stay connected with WhatsApp server.

Using this WhatsApp number, and secret password and other details.
You can use this same WhatsApp number on the web using WhatsApp Business API.

What WhatsApp Business API does with these WhatsApp Hash Channels is even more amazing.

WhatsApp Business API allows you to host 1000s such WhatsApp registered numbers on the script and automate each WhatsApp channel to operate in a certain way.

WhatsApp Channels on WhatsApp Business API.

Stays online 24 x 7, 365 days a year.

And then, on a daily basis, for every channel.

Completely automates several tasks on a daily basis, including:

  • Changing status
  • Changing your Profile/Display picture
  • Finding active WhatsApp numbers
  • Finding inactive WhatsApp numbers
  • Replying incoming messages requests
  • Send outgoing messages to people in contact list
  • Sending messages to unknown numbers

And just like how you, & I will use WhatsApp on our cell phones on a regular basis.

WhatsApp Business API automates the process of making these WhatsApp Channels, chat one to one with other peer channels added into the script by forming a network of communications by forming channels friend list between all the channels stored into the script. 

These channels keep sending each other incoming & outgoing messages to other channels added into the script, this imitate a normal user behaviour as a normal WhatsApp user.

These channels come online & go offline on different time intervals set automatically & managed by the script on 24 hours basis.

Imagine all the activities an active WhatsApp user will do on a regular basis, is being managed by WhatsApp Business API behind the scene.

And when these activities are automatically happening on a day to day basis for each channel every single day.Then, seven days a week. And on and on.

This involves no human intervention by any means. You don’t need to touch WhatsApp Business API script what so ever.

The script automatically manages the queue of these tasks for 1000s of WhatsApp number hosted on your own server 24 x 7.

Now, whenever you need to run a campaign.

Since, these WhatsApp channels are showcasing a normal user behaviour on regular basis.

WhatsApp Business API runs the campaigns on your list of target prospects which are UNKNOWN contacts in the eyes of WhatsApp.

That means, whenever someone in your target list receives a message from an unknown number.

They have the option to mark your WhatsApp numbers as SPAM message.

But, WhatsApp Business API works the smart way. 

It maintains the ratio automatically in terms of how many messages are being sent by each channel on a daily basis to an unknown number.

That’s why WhatsApp Business API doesn’t exceed the daily limit of sending messages to unknown numbers.

And keeps managing daily communication with other WhatsApp channels which are now added as part of a regular chat list of friends into the channels daily chat behaviour.

So, when each channel is already having daily communication with other “friends” channels.

When you run a campaign to your list, which don’t have the number already saved in their contact list. And when they see a message popping up in their cell phone from your WhatsApp channel number.

And even if they mark your number as marketing activity…the number continues to keep working!

Our WhatsApp channels stored in WhatsApp Business API are able to bypass WhatsApp spam detection filters & active machine learning algorithm to detect spam on WhatsApp network.

This is the magic of WhatsApp Business API which no other tool or software in the marketplace is able to achieve on the planet right now!

That’s why it’s too powerful to be given this tool to anyone.

Since, it can be used to either create windfall of huge profits due to the amount of messages you can send on a daily basis.

Or given in the wrong hand can create a wave of viral news that can shake a city, or country’s political view!

Imagine having an army of 10s of 1000s of WhatsApp numbers sending millions of messages on a monthly basis to target list of mobile numbers!

Now, you must be wondering, where do we get 1000s of these WhatsApp numbers registered into a script this much powerful!

Well, in order to get these channels registered.

You need massive amounts of real SIM cards in stock in order to be able to generate OTPs on WhatsApp to be able to use them as WhatsApp Channels.

Once, you have these channels activated into the script using P2P channels activation process into the script.

The channels are ready to use for running all kinds of marketing automation on WhatsApp.

These channels are available is stock in massive quantity through channel providers such as & is a one stop shop for all kinds of channels requirement in bulk quantity.

You can literally purchase 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 WhatsApp Channels in a day!

When you have 1000 WhatsApp Channels number stored into the script.

And you are sending 20 messages per day per channel via WhatsApp Business API.

In a single day, you are able to send 20,000 messages in one day!

Now, the more number of channels you add into WhatsApp Business API.

The more number of messages you are able to send via WhatsApp Business API!

The only limit in terms of how many messages you can send in a day is based on the number of channels you have stored into the script.

Using 5,000 channels, you can send 1,00,000 messages daily!

Using 10,000 channels, you can send 2,00,000 messages daily!

Using 20,000 channels, you can send 4,00,000 messages daily!

And WhatsApp Business API is the only tool that allows you to give this much volumes using its web based, self hosted, easy to use & setup, complete automation rich WhatsApp marketing solution.

Now, most of the marketers feel that making their way around getting a cheap software & bunch of phone numbers to use them as WhatsApp channels will do their job well.

They’re are so WRONG!

And that’s the reason people fail in WhatsApp marketing at the first place!
Don’t be one of those marketers. The road definitely is not the one you want to take today!

The successful marketers on the other hand…

Understand the value and appreciate the efforts that goes into to create & build this kind of a software product.

And understand that if they went in to re-invent, re-create, re-make this kind of a software on their own will eventually end of costing 1000s of dollars worth of:

– developer fees in 100s of hours that goes into development cost for making similar product.

– additional maintenance that will be required to keep the tool updated

– & much more cost in terms of adding more functionalities & upgrades into a similar tool.

WhatsApp Business API includes all the features needed into a completely automated, 100% safe, secure & well-updated, and intelligent marketing automation tool for large volume messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business API is there in the marketplace since 2011, the development started as an open source project named WhatsAPI on Github, written by founder of WhatsApp Business API, also known as venomous0x, owner of (Front Labs now known as WhatsApp Business API.)

WhatsAPI, was completely free to download project, with open source code, contributed by other developers using the code to automate WhatsApp in their own projects.

Many desktop tools such as WhatsApp Bulk Sender, Bulk WhatsApp Sender, WAPP Bulk Sender, and other tools came into existence after that which were created using the code shared on Github.

But, then WhatsAPI was shut down in 2015, since WhatsApp sent legal notice.

Since, then venomous0x has been working as the lead developer into the project, that you now see as WhatsApp Business API.

And since then has evolved into four different version of the software as an end to end web based solution –

Have any questions related to WhatsApp Business API?

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