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WA Business API - Knowledge Base & Frequently Asked Questions

WA Business API

Frequently Asked Questions

WA Business API is a self hosted WA marketing script that can be installed & operated on your own web server. Our tool allows you to run automated WA marketing campaigns with so many additional features. Visit our website’s other pages for more details about our product.

Alternatively, reach us on to know more about pricing & details.

This script sends text, image, video, PDF Files messages to WA registered users automatically using bulk WA channels. 

Our system is based on the most advanced artificial intelligence platform, and automated P2P Channel distribution system which allows you to run 100% automated WA marketing campaign and other automation activities such as filtering numbers, change profile picture, status message, etc. Our script automatically manages 1000s of WA virtual numbers into the system which run 100% on auto pilot. You get constant update on the status of your campaigns.

In order to operate the script. You need WA Channels.

WA channels are pre-activated WA registered numbers which are used for sending WA messages and performing WA automation activities from the script. Sometimes, also known as WA senders.

Our script allows you to use Bulk WA channels and run campaigns to send messages.

Let’s say you have 1000 WA channels imported into the script.

So, If You Send 20 messages Per Channel Per Day.

Then, In ONE Day You Can Send 20000 WA Messages Per Day Using 1000 Channels.

Similarly, if you need to scale your campaigns to large numbers. 

Then, you can add unlimited more channels to scale your campaigns to larger list of targeted WA numbers.

We have different versions available of our script which includes WA channels as part of the package.

WA Business API requires linux based Ubuntu (16+ version installed) environment to operate on your own server.

We recommend our clients to purchase’s 10$/month to 20$/month plan with raw Linux Ubuntu  (16+) installed. Since, the installation is done by our team free of cost as part of the installation, we setup everything for you on our behalf.

You don’t need any technical understanding to use WA Business API after installation. And we provide you with video tutorials and one to one training calls to make you understand the backend features in detail on our on-boarding call after installation.

Our application is written for Linux environment only. So, you will need a Linux VPS or shared hosting environment to run WA Business API. We do not support Windows yet.

No, it is a one-time purchase. You do not have to pay any extra money for using it over time. Also, you are eligible for any updated version in the future.

Yes, WA Business API can be installed on almost all shared hosting environments like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc. Certain shared hosting provider may restrict advanced functionality of hosted apps. That’s why we recommend you go with a VPS over which you have full control over, to take full advantage of WA Business API features.

We recommend purchasing your dedicated instance of VPS on or your preferred service online.

WA Business API is completely open source available in Developer & Enterprise edition only. Once purchased, you have access to the product full source code written in PHP and other pre-requisite languages with proper documentation and comments in code provided for other developer to fully customize & modify the script further. If you have purchased Marketer or Reseller version, the code comes protected with encryption since license is valid for single domain only.

The number of messages you can send daily using WA channels depends entirely on how many channels you have uploaded into the panel. The more number of channels you have into the system. The more messages you will be able to send daily.

Let’s do some simple maths.

With 1,000 channels you can send 20,000 messages/day

With 5,000 channels you can send 1,00,000 messages/day (Included in Marketer Edition)

With 10,000 channels you can send 2,00,000 messages/day (Included in Agency Edition)

With 20,000 channels you can send 4,00,000 messages/day (Included in Agency + Source Code & Enterprise)

In Short, More People Reached On WA = More Money Generated!

Using WA Business API, You can add UNLIMITED CHANNELS into the script!

Send literally millions of messages on WA all automatically using the world’s most advanced WA marketing panel with much more working functionalities then any other solution ever imagined!

WA Business API utilizes the power of artificial intelligence & data intelligence technology to give you a completely automated WA marketing platform.

Using our advanced P2P WA channel automation technology which imitate a normal user behaviour on WA, you are able to by pass WA blocking & spam detection filters and continue sending your WA marketing campaigns on higher scale without getting blocked for a very long time.

We have implemented many methods to lower the probability of being blocked. System automatically identifies if there are any new changes brought by WA and admin panel notify in the system automatically. Anytime, new updates are released from our side. The panel prompts you to update your script and use the latest version.

In order to keep channels long lasting you should limit the no. of messages sent per day by 20 in the first week. And use the same settings as provided by us to be able to benefit the guarantee from our WA channels vendor for free replacement upto 60 days from the date of upload.

We cannot guarantee your channels getting blocked but only tell you best settings to use this software. And also, provide free replacement for channels sourced from our vendors.

Speed of the campaigns varies based on the amount of channels you have available in the panel. And also, the settings that you want to configure the channels to run the campaigns.

Speed of text, image, video and PDF campaigns vary due to file size while running campaigns also. Since, large files take time to upload on WA server and hence, require more time to finish campaigns.

On average, you will be able to send anywhere from 50,000 to 1,00,000 messages per hour depend on the settings config in the backend and also depending on the amount channels added into the panel.

Our software filters 2,000 to 1,000 numbers in 2-3 seconds. You can literally filter millions of numbers in a day since the system automatically changes different channels while filtering the numbers. In short, filteration speed is super fast.

Yes, installation is provided free of cost with any version that you purchase from us.

Our technical team will install the script on your own server. And also provide you with one to one training session after installation and answer any questions you have regarding all the settings in admin dashboard and management of the panel.

Marketer edition is designed for marketers who want to run their own WA marketing campaigns on regular & daily basis without having to pay heavy & high price to limited genuine WA marketing service providers, companies and agencies.

Reseller edition is designed for agencies, companies, service providers who are looking for a reliable, always up to date, all in one & complete WA marketing platform for selling small businesses and bigger companies end to end WA marketing services.

Developer edition is designed for developers who want full access to our source code & customise the code for further development, integration and customisation with their own products, tools, and services. You get access to full documentation and reseller rights to sell our script to other clients at no additional cost.

Enterprise edition is designed for highly scalable, large volume, and enterprise level solution who want full customisation, immediate accessibility, remote troubleshooting capabilities, installation assistance and basic usability assistance directly from our team with their in house development team.

No, you must use it on either one, if you used it in the platform, it will be disconnected from your phone , vice versa.

Our panel uses WA Hash Channels to operate the campaigns. Hence, you can’t register the WA channels in panel and parallel use on your mobile hence is not permitted.

But yes, if you wish to register your own WA channels into the system. We have a manual WA registration tool built into our panel for you to register your own WA channels.

Yes, credit distribution module is included in Reseller, Source Code and Enterprise edition. 

You can also allow reseller accounts and normal accounts under the resellers who can further resell credits!

NOTE: Marketer edition doesn’t includes credit distribution feature.

You can provide credits to your customer so the customers can use these credits to send messages on their own. And you can charge them at any price per message sent. 

Your clients can automatically download delivery reports, active & non active WA numbers. And also see the status of their campaigns directly within the dashboard.

You can also set the option to approve/disapprove campaigns every time a new campaign is uploaded by any customer or reseller. And give reseller the rights to approve campaign before its shared for admin approval.

You can upload unlimited WA channels into any version that you purchase without any restriction what so ever.

You can also register your own channels using Manual Channel Registration module along with automated WA channel registration using several API support for different channel providers integrated into the panel.

But, just make sure that your server configuration is upgraded according to the amount of channels you upload into the system.

For Marketer & Reseller Edition with up-to 10,000 channels 20$/month plan is enough on 

For Source Code & Enterprise edition we recommend using 40$/month plan on for robust and smooth functioning of the script.

WA Business API if utilised properly can provide you with multiple folds on income & profits every month! Allowing itself to pay for the investment and help you quadruple your market reach which allows you to liberate, earn more income and generate massive profits. Our pricing is designed according to individual needs. So, incase you wish to setup multiple systems which helps you scale your campaigns on large number of WA contacts on a daily basis. You can benefit from it. With each license copy you get:

      With free installation on your server. And one to one training session after installation with our tech team.
      With all the latest changes, updates, and strategies & tactics for all our members and paid clients
      We have compiled 50+ tested & proven case studies & message swipe files of all successful WA campaigns.
      Including Training Guide, bi-weekly webinar recordings, Q & A call recordings, video tutorials
      Our tech team are always available to get on calls & on Team Viewer whenever you will need any assistance.
      Available on Telegram on Live Chat, and Email
      We provide you with free WA channels at the time of purchase depending on the selected version. And you can purchase more channels directly from us in future.

Yes, you can operate our script on your own web server. License is valid for one installation per server. You can mask the installation on unlimited domains and sub domain names by changing your DNS Settings and pointing any domain/sub-domain name using CNAME settings.

Our panel is completely white-labeled and you can also customize majority of the settings, including logo, inner menu, etc. to fit your needs.

We have tie-ups with multiple WA channels provider who provide us with newly created, protected, and secure WA channels. 

Reach our team if you wish to purchase channels directly from us.

Alternatively, we recommend:

Make sure you purchase WA Channels with Hash Password with Protected WART Code with 2 Factor Authentication in order to operate channels in our script.

Yes, our system uses private source of proxies exclusively accessible only to our clients.

Our system automatically rotates these proxies to change IP address while running the campaigns.

We keep various source of private source of proxies which are very unique to each clients and hence, the channel distribution is streamlined with no issues faced at our clients end.

You can access proxies settings in admin settings and also check active/inactive proxies in Proxies section in admin panel settings.

Most WA Marketing service providers, vendors, agencies, and WA promotion companies don’t provide you with transparent and controlled delivery. 

For example, some providers will have restricted timing for running campaigns, some will charge you credits based on list of mobile numbers you upload instead of how many messages delivered, and then, you will also have repeated cost each time you purchase these credits from any other vendor.

Research done with our customers show that only between 45-60% of these messages are delivered, so the cost per message is high.

Where as with WA Business API, you have a ONE TIME cost of purchasing the script + channels. And you can run unlimited WA campaigns on your target list without any restrictions.

This not only helps you reduce the cost of running campaigns and be able to scale your campaigns on large volume in one go. But, it can help reduce your cost from 10x to 20x time vs any other alternative service providers that will charge you bomb, without having any control on your delivery, timing, and even your database privacy.

WA Business API is a self hosted web based WA marketing script. And uses far more advanced technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technology then any other tools compared with.

Our system uses WA Hash Channels which doesn’t requires access to your mobile in order to run the campaigns. Our system uses our own 3rd party WhatsAPI which allows you to scale your campaigns using 1000s of WA channels in one go.

Most of the desktop tool today use WA Web to emulate similar behaviour. Making it difficult to run high volume campaigns and also allows you to stay dependant on limited number of WA numbers that needs to be always online on your mobile phone to operate your campaigns.

And because we have completely automated the behaviour of all WA channels to act, behave, and emulate a normal user behaviour for all channels. You are able to surpass the normal limits that WA have because of a complete normal behaviour imitated by our tool by using our P2P channel distribution system.

Our software license is a one-time purchase with different set of versions you decide based on your needs.

All version includes free installation, free software upgrades and any additional features which is part of an ongoing updates which we bring into the tool.

Our script can be upgraded from later version to a more advance version by paying the different of the price between the previous and the new version later.

Please note that when you upgrade your script from a lower to higher version. The channels in previous version most likely will fail to operate when you change the installation. Hence, it’s best advised to go with higher version from the very get go to avoid wasting your money for the channels that’s already included in the packages.

In the latest upgrade we introduced all our clients with an additional upgrade for all our versions which helps you send automated TrueCaller Flash Messaging Campaigns and also provides you access to our TrueCaller Filteration tool.

TrueCaller similar to WA is slowly progressing as a messaging tool but also has the benefit of identifying callers who call you by scanning their mobile number.

Using TrueCaller Flash Messaging, you can send Flash Campaigns which are valid upto 200 characters. 

Similar to WA Campaigns, you can promote your business via Flash Messaging.

TrueCaller Filteration tool allows you to filter database and find relevant information such as Name, Company, Mobile Operator Info, Email ID, Social Media Profiles, Business Category/Tags and much more simply by uploading your raw list of mobile numbers in the filteration tab of the panel.

Since, this is completely a new tool that we have introduced. We are looking for more feedback from our clients. Feel free to suggest additional features at and your suggestion will really help us improve the tool even more and add more options & functionalities in the future.

NOTE: We have already introduced TrueCaller API Integration support for these features.

No, we do not provide any kind of WA/TrueCaller Marketing services officially since we are technology focused company who are targeting it’s client base who are looking for an end to end solution provider. Our key focus always stays around technology & development.

It’s more scalable for us as a company since we are able to focus on what we do best i.e. working in the development and bringing new innovative products into the market place.

With a small and lean team of developers we can only focus on few key clients rather then 100s of clients who will need one to one servicing for each individual campaigns which is not feasible and requires a lot of sales force & marketing guys in the backend to support such offering.

We are an end to end solutions & technology provider which act as a 3rd party vendor for your brand or your company to give you the backend support to create a robust & highly scalable WA marketing infrastructure.

Sure. We provide free demo account where you can test the functionalities of our panel.

Request a demo using the link below.

You get free credits with each demo account. 

Unfortunately, due to 300+ requests for demo each day. We don’t provide one to one free demo support. But, if you have any question related to our products. You can mail us at

NOTE: We do not provide full admin panel access as part of the demo due to the nature of our product.

And also our backend feature are protected with proprietary information related to functionalities of our product only & exclusively accessible to our clients only.

We don’t provide in detail information about the nature of our product to protect the privacy and secure ourselves from any cracker, hackers, and person who attempt to nullify our licensing with attacks to secure our script without paying any cost.

We have clients from 38+ countries who use this product from different countries including US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and more who enquire about our product offering who are looking forward to send millions of messages on a regular basis using our platform.

If you have a list of mobile numbers to run your campaigns. You can directly import this list and run the campaigns. Our system automatically filters & identifies active & non active WA numbers. And only run campaigns on active WA numbers. After the end of each campaign system automatically generates a report which includes your delivery report, active WA numbers list, and inactive WA numbers list. You can download this report at once the campaign is finished.

Want to filter the whole country database?

We provide all country database segmented based on the mobile operator series for all the list of mobile number series available in your country.

We charge a one time price of 300$ per scraping per country for filtering all the active mobile numbers active on WA in your country. Delivery time can vary from 24 hours to 72 hours depending on the size of the database. 

Drop us an email at to get the latest database of all active WA numbers in your country.

Clients are required by law not to use the product for any type of harmful or inappropriate content.

Our 3rd Party software terms & conditions do apply.

You take the liability on you as a brand marketer using our product for running any kind of campaigns.

Each country has it’s own laws for promoting their brands, companies and services using mobile apps such as WA, Instagram, etc. 

Please research on your country’s law for promoting via WA. And be compliant to send messages using this medium.

Drop us an email at for scheduling a demo with one of our representative for a quick demo. You can also instantly 


You can pay us via Credit Card, Debit Card (Domestic Clients only), Bitcoins, Western Union, MoneyGram, or Ria Money.

Send us with your payment receipt for payment confirmation.

We will confirm the payment and initiate your installation process. And place an order for fresh batch of WA channels with channel providing vendor.

Fill out the form provided by our team with your server details. We prefer that you get Linus based 20$ plan from

Our team will initiate the installation process, and also provide you with channels as per your purchased license edition

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    Here we need to know which the best credit package meets your need.
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