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Features of WA Business API » WA Business API

WA Business API

Features of WA Business API

Following are the features of WABusinessAPI WA Marketing Script:

Bulk Messaging: Sending bulk messages in multimedia format with WABusinessAPI is very easy. Reach your target audiences in an instant with VCard, Video, Audio, Picture, Location,  Text

Filtering Numbers: WABusinessAPI allows you to check if a number is registered on WA or not. Higher deliveries, lesser costs.

Bulk Replies: You will never have to go through the frustration of replying to people in the inbox individually. Send bulk replies to specific segments of clients.

Proxy Lists: WABusinessAPI allows you to add or import unlimited number of proxies to the list ensuring you have a unique WA identity for every channel.

Senders Customization: Assign each individual channel a specific proxy and protect it with a system generated password. See when the channels were active or inactive and change DP on the go.

Campaigns: Make various, unlimited campaigns for different locations and audiences all over the world.

Queues – WABusinessAPI lets you see the pending delivery queues of messages which show pending for sending messages, it also shows number of messages sent and any errors if there are any.

Live Test Message – Do a live test message using existing senders into the system before letting the word out to your real audiences.

Options – Gain full control over your messaging. It allows you to customize cron settings, message sending limits, WA status message for senders, Auto-reply messages and multiple options to provide a variety of controls & setting changes that are required to run the script.

Number Generator – Generating millions of phone number is as easy as that of clicking a button. Our script automatically generates a series of numbers which can be saved and then check these numbers for active users on WA.

Number Checker – Add a list of phone numbers to check whether they are active on WA or not. The software will filter WA active numbers that can be exported for running WA bulk message campaigns.

Change Password – Allows you to change your username’s password.

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